SaberCore Veteran 2.5 USA

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The SaberCore 2.5 USA is an advanced entry level board from Saberforge. It features two sound fonts played with a high definition 12 bit audio driver, an aux effect, programmable blade flicker speeds, an accelerometer for motion detection, and a voice menu.

Sound Effects

The SaberCore 2.5 USA has two separate sound font banks that each hold 10 clash, 10 swing, ignition, deactivation, idle hum, and an auxilory effect. The fonts are Crimson, and Viridium.

Blade Effects

The SaberCore 2.5 USA features an optional blade flicker effect with four different speeds or constant on.

Motion Detection

The SaberCore 2.5 USA uses an accelerometer and features 9 levels of use selectable motion sensitivity for both swing and clash.

Voice Menu

The SaberCore 2.5 USA has an onboard voice menu that allows you to use the ignition switch to select the volume or mute, blade flicker speed, clash sensitivity, and swing sensitivity.


Soundboards are tested by the supplier before shipping, and no responsibility will be accepted for user error that damages the boards such as not using ESD equipment or wiring terminals incorrectly.

Only 3 left in stock (can be backordered)

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