Threaded tips
Thick walled, frosted, optical grade Polycarbonate tube (36″x1.00″)
Long socket depth, giving optimal tip adhesion and retention.
Machined countersink for tip mirror
Light diffusion ring for full tip illumination
Internal diffusion wrap for excellent color mixing and brightness.

Sabers with Windowed Emitters

That latest batch / design of infinity V4 blades now starts the diffusion wrap a couple inches up from the base of the blade. Whilst this isn’t an issue with most sabers, we’ve noted that the transition is noticeable through windowed emitters. if you saber has a windowed emtter and you’d like us to trim an inch or two from the base of teh blade to make it flush with the diffusion material, please make note in the order notes at checkout.

Saberforge Models requiring a thin neck version us (contact us for availability).

Talon, Chosen/Shoto, Forsaken, Adept, Exalted (+crystal), Marauder, P.S. (+crystal), Redeemer (+crystal), Shadow Hunter,