Threaded tips
Thick walled, frosted, optical grade Polycarbonate tube (36″x1.00″)
Long socket depth, giving optimal tip adhesion and retention.
Machined countersink for tip mirror
Light diffusion ring for full tip illumination
Internal diffusion wrap for excellent color mixing and brightness.

Sabers with Windowed Emitters

That latest batch / design of infinity V4 blades are a slightly lighter 2.5mm walled blade with a thread at both the tip and the base. We believe it’ll allow the blade to be spun around and the tip fitted to the other end, in the case of a cracked blade tip. The original cracked tip end would be trimmed and would thus become the base (that’s our thoughts, anyway)..

Certain Saberforge Model require a thin neck version of the blade (contact us for availability). They are:

Talon, Chosen/Shoto, Forsaken, Adept, Exalted (+crystal), Marauder, P.S. (+crystal), Redeemer (+crystal), Shadow Hunter,