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Graflex 2.5 Saber Kit. Includes everything shown in the pictures.
Please grease threads once you take the bottom section off.

You flip the bottom tube to change between 6 or 7 grip holes. When you unscrew the bottom make sure the clamp is loosened quite a bit so you do not scratch the tube until you decide which way it is going to go.

Features the following:
– Replica of the Graflex Body.
– Replica of the Graflex Clamp (Less embossed GRAFLEX logo and inner slot tabs).
– Machined / threaded bottom grip body.
– Machined / threaded end cap with sound holes.
– Both sets of ANH & ESB injection molded polycarbonate grips.
– Both ANH & ESB clamp Exactra calculator bubbles and circuit card.
– Molded plastic red graflex buttons with circuit board and momentary switch.
– ESB Graflex blade tension knob with 2nd circuit board and momentary switch.
– ANH / TFA Graflex lens blade tension knob.
– 7/8″ blade bracket machined and anodized to look like ROTJ grip body.