We looked at other stands on the market and there some beautiful designs out there. We don’t claim to be better. We don’t claim to be cheaper. We only claim to be different.

We thought that there was a gap in the market for a stand that orientates your saber hilt at 45 degrees. We feel that a 45 degree orientation really helps display your hilt from a more comfortable viewing angle. You don’t have to lean in and ‘hover over it’ to fully enjoy the front on design. With a relatively small ‘footprint’ the Uprise Air Stand is perfect for desks, display cabinets and shelves. You don’t have to hide saber hilts behind each other, when you can simply display them face on, side-by-side.

Our Uprise Air model is a minimalist option. Completely clear, it is an option for those saber fans who purely want the design of the sabers to speak for themselves.

Should a stand in your chosen colour not be in stock, the next run is usually no more than 7 days away, so pre order with confidence.