The S3 Saberhold is a custom designed bag specifically made for carrying illuminated sabers safely and conveniently.

On the outside, there is a zipper compartment meant for storing blade plugs, hex keys, spare batteries and any other small objects needed for your saber. The Saberhold can be conveniently hand-carried with the handle at the side or could be slung across the shoulder. There is a buckle on each side of the bag for the sling strap to connect to, making it adjustable for a perfect fit no matter which shoulder you prefer to carry the bag with.

Moving inside the bag, there are 2 long pockets; each designed to carry a single bladeless illuminated saber hilt and prevent it from getting scratched by other contents in the bag. Multiple blades can be stored in between these pockets and the Saberhold can be extended at the bottom so that a complete saber with a blade may also fit in it.

The outer shell of the Saberhold is made from Cordura nylon which is well known for its durability especially against abrasions, tears and scuffs. Right under it is a plush layer of EVA foam padding to protect the illuminated sabers that are stored inside the bag. The sling strap is a 2″ industrial grade safety harness and all zippers & adjuster buckles are YKK.

The S3 Saberhold represents a joint collaboration between Sabertrio and Greenroom136. The Rebel Edition features natural brown shades accented with orange stripes that were inspired by a particular pilot uniform. It is an exclusive design to Sabertrio.