The Community Focused Lightsaber Store

A friendly New Zealand based lightsaber store servicing the Australasia region


As well as producing some beautiful, New Zealand made lightsaber stands, we keep a well stocked inventory of lightsaber hilts, electronics, parts and accessories to help support the lightsaber community in this part of the world. We all know that international shipping is a bit of a ‘killer’ for the NZ lightsaber community, so we made this cool, cheaper alternative.

Lead saber nerd, Roy is a science graduate with a decent working knowledge of electronics and an extensive coding background. Check out one of his scratch built Arduino lightsaber builds. We have an increasingly growing and excellent reputation for custom installations. Just drop us a line via our contact page or FaceBook (preferred) to discuss your project.

If you’re thinking that this website is a little ‘grand’ for an open parts box, you’re right. … but our ‘day job’ is web development & Internet marketing and we like doing things properly!

Despite primarily supplying the Australasia region, we ship our saber goodies to most countries worldwide should you not find a better local option. If you country is not listed don’t take offence … we just wouldn’t have gotten around to listing it yet. Please contact us.
We love making the world a happy place (New Zealand is the eighth happiest country on earth). We will always support our bits n’ bobs.
We’re a friendly bunch because we’re a little bunch of star wars nerds and saber enthusiasts, just like you.

We’re using our online marketing know how to help connect saber enthusiasts and help build a NZ saber community. Having parts / spares in the country will help support that.

All payments are processed securely via the impeccably trust-able PayPal.

Have You Seen our New Sister Website?

October 2022 saw the launch of our Sulphur City Sabers website. Sulphur City Sabers offers a curated range of entry and mid level, pre-installed sabers to compliment our custom work here at Sulphur City Foundry.

Check out the range over at