This is a brand new saber expertly installed with carefully selected, complimentary quality components. It is a grade B hilt which means it has small cosmetic flaws. On this hilt, flaws include a minor blemish in the anodising on the grip, about 1/4 way up from the pommel & the tiniest of dings in the emitter. These small cosmetic niggles saves you some serious $$$.

It is lovingly installed in-house with factory components. Rather than having to wait the install queue, Ready to Ship sabers are all prepped and ready to go!

This is an RGB Baselit Install. RGB installs are more durable when it comes to blade contact / duelling. You cannot get an RGB baselit Proffie V2.2 install from the factory.


  • SaberTrio Skylar (grade B)


  • Proffie V2.2 with approx’ 8 quality, open source sound fonts.
  • Sabertrio Copper based heatsink and high performance XP-E2 Tri Cree LED
  • Correct grade wire throughout
  • Single 16mm non-illuminated gold anodised switch. Saber runs single switch logic. Aux switch is a dummy.
  • SaberTrio factory delrin chassis
  • Chassis mounted kill switch
  • High capacity 18650 cell (protected)
  • SaberTrio 22mm Bass Speaker

Included items:

Includes OEM 4.2v li-ion smart charger & SaberTrio 37″ heavy grade OR mid grade blade.