This is a brand new saber expertly installed with carefully selected, complimentary quality components. It is a grade B hilt which means it has small cosmetic flaws. On this hilt, flaws include a minor ding on the edge of the emitter. There may be other smaller cosmetic flaws. This is sold un-rectified, but could be touched up with nail polish or paint / pen.  These small cosmetic niggles saves you some serious $$$.

The red is difficult to capture, but it’s a slightly deeper red than the images portray and is translucent (see through). The images with the white background are more representative than the main image. Should note, that we consider powder coated hilts like this as ‘show ponies’. Powder coat can chip under impact.

It is lovingly installed in-house with factory components. Rather than having to wait the install queue, Ready to Ship sabers are all prepped and ready to go!

This is a NeoPixel install. Neopixel installs are great for show and a little light choreography (at your own risk) but not durable enough for dueling. For models more suited to blade contact / dueling, make sure to look for our RTS RGB Baselit models.


  • SaberTrio Vahlken Dolovite (grade B)


  • Proffie V2.2 with approx’ 8 quality, open source sound fonts.
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL V3 Hilt Side PCB Connector
  • Correct grade silicon wire throughout
  • SaberTrio factory delrin chassis
  • Chassis mounted kill switch
  • High capacity 18650 cell (protected)
  • SaberTrio 22mm Bass Speaker

Included items:

Includes OEM 4.2v li-ion smart charger & SaberTrio 37″ heavy grade OR mid grade blade.