This is a brand new saber expertly tweaked to take a modded Nexus Sabers Xeno3 Pixel Core + some other complimentary quality components. Includes BLADE!!

It’s a nice prior model Saberforge Forsaken (new) running a Xeno3Pixel board (non Bluetooth Version) in an original modded chassis, with a ShtokCustomWork short pin PCB in the emitter. It takes a standard 5V 2.1mm plug for charging. LED switch for standard menu operation. A gazillion sound fonts (30 something) & effects. Certainly not a dueller in any sense of the word (no neopixel is) but a great cosplay / play-piece. Rather than having to wait the install queue, Ready to Ship sabers are all prepped and ready to go!

This is a NeoPixel install. Neopixel installs are great for show and a little light choreography (at your own risk) but not durable enough for dueling. For models more suited to blade contact / dueling, make sure to look for our RTS RGB Baselit models.


  • Saberforge Forsaken (prior model)


  • Modded Nexus Sabers (LGT) Xeno3Pixel core.
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL V3 Hilt Side PCB Connector
  • External 2.1mm Recharge Port (wired for a 5v USB Charge cable)
  • 12mm Illuminated Switch.
  • High capacity Nexus 18650 cell (protected)
  • This is a NON BLUETOOTH version of the board so you can’t use it with the app.

Extra Touches:

USB 5v Charging cable.
USB 5v Charging Brick
37″ Neopixel Nexus  Blade INCLUDED