Plecter Labs Power Xtender™ Ver 2.0

Miniature electronic circuit designed to drive/switch a high load (LED, rumbling motor, relay) when the low voltage/current output from our electronic boards does not allow it.
Drives for instance a 3.6V LED from a Blaster Core™ board or a luxeon from the Flash on Clash™ output of Crystal Focus™.
Refer to the Petit Crouton user’s manual for further details about the use of this module.

NEW : Now with embedded SMD 2512 resistor footprint. Saves space when using the Power Xtender™ to drive the Flash On Clash ™. Use with 2 watt 2512 thick carbon film resistor.

Dimensions : 0.55″x0.36″
Input voltage : 0-5 volts max. Switches at 3.3V
Output voltage/current : 12V / 1.5A